Hi. I’m Mike.

A designer, web developer, musician, and occasional blogger.

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I design things. Mostly websites. I also design for print, video, and branding projects.

Web Developer

I consider myself a well-rounded technology geek with design skills and code chops.


In my free time, I play music. I play solo, in a duo, and sometimes with a band.


Every once in a while, I’ll write something too long for Facebook and post it to my blog instead.


In 2006 I earned a B.S. in Technology Management from The University of Northern Iowa. After some continuing education classes, I entered a graduate program at Full Sail University where I earned an M.F.A. in Media Design. Since then, I’ve furthered my education with online tutorials, professional experience, and personal projects.


I started my career in 2008 when I took an entry-level graphic design position at a local marketing agency called Bulldog Marketing Technologies. In 2011 I was offered a position at Hellman Associates in Waterloo, IA and have worked as Senior Art Director ever since.